For Advertisers

Features and Specifications
1.) BrandSafe defense technology
2.) Performance based campaigns, fast integrated conversion tracking system
3.) 200 million banner impressions and 30 million daily onclick impressions
4.) Any targeting opportunities (by geo, day parting, by frequency capping, by OS, by device, by ad placement and site)
5.) Smart optimization system for high conversion quality
6.) Personal manager and quick manual set up of your campaigns
7.) No prepayment needed for a test
8.) All payment methods are acceptable

Types of ad campaign:
1.) We understand the need of our current and potential clients to get visible and solid campaign results. Our most popular advertising model includes CPA, CPL, and PPI. Our tech team specializes in conversion tracking set up. We also have up-to-date optimization systems that run the test for all CPA campaigns. We guarantee advertisers to get real time statistics reporting for them to control the campaign’s performance.
2.) We also offer CPM and CPC for advertising agencies and ad networks, with fixed CPM and CPC rates. Clients will be able to set up any kind of targeting, and control the effectiveness of their campaigns.
3.) Revshare is also an option after running a test by flat CPM. We will gladly cooperate with ad networks on fixed revshare.

How do I start the ad campaign?
1.) Fill up the application form
2.) One of our managers will get in touch with you as soon as possible and will be glad to assist you. All you need to do is pass your creatives to us.
3.) In case you choose CPA or CPL model, your account manager will help you in setting up a tracking pixel.
4.) Make a pre-payment and your campaign is set.